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Bärenstein is a village near the border to the Czech Republic. It is located in the southern part of the district Erzgebirgskreis (


In the centre of Bärenstein there is a pedestrian's border crossing to the neighbouring Town of Vejprty (Weipert). Since December 2007 the border crossing may also be used by vehicles of up to 7.5 tons gross weight. Outside the town the railway connection over the border bridge leads into the Czech Republic.


The municipality of Bärenstein does not have any official boroughs but local people distinguish between Bärenstein, Stahlberg, Kühberg and Niederschlag. Bärenstein forms an administrative collectivity with the neighbouring village of Königswalde.




inhabitants: 2,541

(as of 30/09/2009)

inhabitants: 2,348

(as of 30/09/2009)




border community to Czech Republic


in the southern part of the

former district of Annaberg

in the valley Pöhlatal

in the upper Ore Mountains,

Pöhlbach flows through the village





B95 leads through the village

approx. 50km from A4 and A72

railway stop Bärenstein

(line Chemnitz-Vejprty)

approx. 2km from B95

approx. 50km from A4 and A72

railway stop Königswalde

(line Chemnitz-Vejprty)

Road network:




A-roads (Bundesstraßen): 4.4 km

state roads: 2.5 km

district roads: 0.2 km

municipal roads: 20.4 km

state roads: 4 km

municipal roads: 14 km







approx. 540 hectares

north-south: 11.1 km

west-east: 4.5 km

altitude: 712.5 m above sea level

approx. 1,954 hectares

north-south: 4.5 km

west-east: 4.3 km

altitude: 550 m above sea level

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